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How we able to generate Bumble
over 2,000,000 social impressions and over 4,000 app downloads.


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Here’s how we help Bumble to get
2,000,000+ impressions and 4000+ downloads

ProblemWith over 100M downloads, Bumble has become the second largest dating app in the United States. In 2019, Bumble experienced some obstacles when appealing to their college student user base in the Atlanta area. At the time, Bumble had roughly 5 million U.S. active mobile users.

Bumble realized the power in influencer marketing campaigns and decided to trust Power Agency with their marketing strategy. In a combined effort, Power Agency was able to orchestrate an effective campaign for getting Atlanta college students on the app.
SolutionPower Agency utilized their network of thousands of influencers and in-house AI solutions to find authentic college students with influence at various universities such as Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and University of Georgia.  Within 48 hours, Power Agency was able to find and target influencers with social proof to match Bumble’s target audience and drive traffic to convert impressions to downloads. From developing the campaign’s creative strategy to hand-picking and hiring curated micro and macro influencers based on engagement and conversion potential.

After selecting the campaign’s micro and macro influencers, Power Agency organized a creative event with additional marketing efforts, bringing the campaign to life.

ResultsWith the help of Power Agency, Bumble was able to generate over 2,000,000 social impressions from their influencer campaign. These impressions resulted in over 4,000 app downloads directly attributable to Power Agency’s marketing efforts.

Power Agency’s influencers grew to be more engaged with bumble after the campaign, creating authentic word of mouth marketing. The post-campaign surveys indicate that many influencers switched over from Bumble’s biggest competitor, Tinder, after falling in love with the brand’s campaign. These are the powerful moments that Power Agency loves to create for their clients.

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